2015 in Pictures 33/52

I took a week off of work to try and catch up with all of my TTouch case studies - I need to hand my next 5 in next month....where has the time gone????? I am a huge fan of the ground work involved and am always on the look out for new surfaces for …

2015 in Pictures 32/52

Our friend Isla and Stevie came to stay for a few days. Zephyr met Stevie a couple of years a go when he came to visit and kept his distance. We were amazed to see how keen Zephyr was to interact with Stevie during this visit and it really highlighted the progress he has made! …

2015 in Pictures 30/52

On an early morning dog walk (excuse my pyjamas!) we bumped in to a neighbour who happened to have her camera and managed to take a snap of the whole family! I LOVE this bunch!

2015 in Pictures 24/52

I spent my first night away from Zephyr on Friday. I missed him loads, but am grateful that he was well behaved for Leon...even if he did spend a lot of his time on 'his step'. The welcome home I got was wonderful though 🙂

2015 in Pictures 23/52

A sunny afternoon walk at Litton Reservoir with Zephyr, Boo and Emily! Such a beautiful place, only 20 minutes away and I had no idea it was there. We will definitley be visiting again soon....next time with a picnic!