Now Open!

We now have a shop page!!! We will be selling the wonderful liver treats made by 'Beautiful Joe's'. For each packet you buy they donate a packet to a rescue centre and I donate 10% profit to Wolfdog Rescue (the rest of the profit will go towards stock so we can keep this up!). So, …

2014 in Pictures 16/52

Zephyr and I spent Good Friday at a local dog fun day, raising awareness and funds for Wolfdog Rescue. It was a lovely warm Spring day and Zeph found time to chill when not meeting people.

A Year in Pictures 39/52

We spent all of yesterday at 'Pets at Home' in Portishead raising funds and awareness for Wolfdog Rescue. Tuchena and Zephyr both handled all of the attention very well. Zephyr was certainly the main attraction! There were a few quiet spells when they managed to relax!

A Year in Pictures 37/52

We have had a busy week, topped off with spending today at Happy Landings Dog Show. Zephyr was so tired when we got home he was falling asleep stood up. It is easy to forget he is a puppy sometimes as he is so huge. He sleeps like a puppy though...Zzzzzzzzzzz