2015 in Pictures 22/52

On Thursday Zephyr and I met up with Emily & Boo for a day at The Royal Bath & West Show. We were very lucky with the weather, perfect for lazing on the grass, picnics and ice cream. I even had to put Zephyr's cooler coat on in the afternoon as he isn't as bright …

2015 in Pictures 21/52

Behold my new TTouch Garden! OK, so it was originally intended to be an enclosure for Zephyr as he was never happy being left in the house when we went out, now that is is built he has decided that he is quite partial to my king size bed and duvet! (So much for the …

2015 in Pictures 15/52

Zephyr made friends with the lovely Iggy last week. They made a funny couple but seemed to take a shine to each other! Iggy reminded me of Tuchena in so many ways, that I wonder if Zephyr sensed that too? He loves a strong, independant woman!

2014 in Pictures 51/52

Tuchena having cuddles! She loves this game and now asks to be picked up. It must give her some kind of adrenaline rush as afterwards she zooms around like a crazy thing! Ps....don't forget to enter our giveaway (see previous post)

Christmas Day Giveaway!

Zephyr & Tuchena are giving away a packet of Beautiful Joe's Liver Treats to one lucky dog on Christmas Day! To enter please click on the link and follow instructions below. (UK only 😞) a Rafflecopter giveaway