Would you pay £85 to walk someone elses dog for an hour?

Tuchena is a 'Wolfdog', (predominantly Czechoslovakian wolfdog, but there is also a bit of Saarloos in her too). The Czechoslovakian wolfdog is relatively new in the scheme of things, having been first bred in 1955 by crossing a Carpathian (not Timber) wolf with a German Shepherd with the aim of creating a dog with the obedience of a …

A Year in Pictures 16/52

A beautiful sunny morning walk down by the stream. Tuchena is not really a fan of getting wet and has only swam once (by accident 🙂 ) She doesn't mind paddling though.

A Year in Pictures 14/52

A bored Tuchena! I was out and Leon was in another room doing DIY, so Tuchena made her own amusement by killing a few shopping bags that were left in the kitchen.

A Year in Pictures 13/52

This picture was taken earlier in the week, before the water in the hose pipe froze! Tuchena is not keen on being washed, but she is fond of rolling in smelly stuff. Therefore hose pipe wash is essential!

A Year in Pictures 11/52

A very tired and wet Tuchena. She had just returned from her weekly session with the trainer we are using to help with her recall and socialisation skills. She has been making great progress, we are very proud of her.

A Year in Pictures 10/52

Tuchena came in to season for the first time this week, aged 22 months & 1 week. She has spent most of the week feeling sorry for herself and wanting cuddles on the sofa.