Snuffle Time

When you go on holiday in the UK during November it is a good idea to have some 'rainy day plans'. For me this year, that included attempting to make a snufflemat for the dogs. The idea of a snufflemat is for there to be lots of layers for a dog to snuffle about in …


Busy and Beautiful September!

We have been so busy for the last couple of weeks that I haven't even had time to upload photos of our adventures! September has been great - I spent 6 days at Tilley Farm on my fourth TTouch Practitioner training clinic. I took Otis this time and it was lovely to have him to …

2015 in Pictures 30/52

On an early morning dog walk (excuse my pyjamas!) we bumped in to a neighbour who happened to have her camera and managed to take a snap of the whole family! I LOVE this bunch!