2015 in Pictures 1/52

I have so many photos from last week that it is tricky to pick just one! I decided on this one of Zeph and I on the beach at Heddon's mouth at the end of our 'adventure' in Devon with Emily and Boo.

Mr Slobberchops

We have always been in favour of holistic treatments for our dogs whenever possible and where I used to feel in the minority doing this, I feel that there is a huge shift lately in peoples interest in the benefits of helping our dogs heal more naturally. Dogs heal themselves all the time using their …

A Year in Pictures 47/52

I am afraid I can't take the credit for this stunning photo of Tuchena. It was taken by my husband whilst out walking at Kinder Scout in the Peak District last week.

A Year in Pictures 45/52

I took Zephyr to meet a friend yesterday afternoon, as her step-daughter loves dogs and wolves and wanted to meet him. We went for a beautiful walk along the river at Great Elm with them and their spaniel Jed. Kaitlin was great with Zephyr, she was calm and respectful which Zephyr really appreciated......thank you Kaitlin!

Raw Feeding

On Thursday evening I attended at talk by Nick Thompson on Raw Feeding, hosted by the lovely peeps at Chapel Farm. Although we have always fed raw, it is sometimes nice to go back to basics and be reminded why you chose it in the first place. Raw feeding is growing in popularity, and while some …