Talk on Raw Feeding by Holistic Vet Nick Thompson

This fabulous event is taking place locally, so I have added it to the Events page. I am definitely attending, should be fantastic. I have wanted to go to one of Nick's talks for ages! Chapel Farm Rehab are pleased to be hosting a talk by guest speaker, holistic vet Nick Thompson On the most talked about …

Join us for a dog walk & raise funds for Wolfdog Rescue

A date for your diary...................................................... Saturday 2nd November 2013 Pack Walk/Meet in Aid of Wolfdog Rescue We had so much fun at the last one that we thought we would do it again! Come and join us for a walk on Saturday 2nd November in the Mendips. All breeds of dog welcome. It will be …

Fitting in

I have been shocked the past few days (since Zephyr joined our pack) by how many people have made the following comment/assumption: That Hendrix (our 8 year old alpha male Labrador) would no longer be 'leader of the pack' because Zephyr is bigger and stronger! What does this say about people if they think the …

A Year in Pictures 23/52

We are taking Tuchena camping for the first time in a couple of weeks, so we set the tent up in the garden so she could familiarise herself with it this weekend.

A Year in Pictures 22/52

The weather this weekend has been fantastic. When it all gets a bit too hot for Tuchena she heads off to find some shade and take a siesta's a dog's life! 🙂