Tuchena’s turn to visit the vet!

Here we go again.... This time it is Tuchena's turn! On 14th March I noticed a large cut on Tuchena's hip. She and Zephyr had been playing in the garden and they can play rough and fast. We guess that this had something to do with it, but can't be sure. She obviously caught it …


Proper Snow!

A couple of weeks ago 'The Beast from the East' brought heavy snow to the west country. We rarely get snow of any significance, so along with the chaos it causes (being stuck at work for two days because I couldn't get home) it is also a great opportunity for us to get outside and …

2015 in Pictures 30/52

On an early morning dog walk (excuse my pyjamas!) we bumped in to a neighbour who happened to have her camera and managed to take a snap of the whole family! I LOVE this bunch!