Happy ‘Gotcha Day’ Zephyr!

1 year ago today we brought an 8 month old wolf hybrid home to live with us and our other dogs. It has been a year of small steps, some forward and some back. Zephyr challenges and teaches me every day and I love him for all his good points and his bad. Today we …

2014 in Pictures 8/52

I took Zephyr on a run this weekend. We only did a leisurely 5k as he kept stopping to sniff and pee, but it was fun to be outside with him enjoying the dry and sunny weather. Zephyr with Emma (my running 'wife') after our run.

Walking Tall

We had a BBQ on Sunday to celebrate the one sunny day, before more rain! I took this photo of Tuchena trying to get something out of the tree. It shows just how long and slinky she can be!