Zephyr – The first week

I was hoping to have written a blog post about our first week with Zephyr, however I am just too exhausted! I had forgotten that part of getting a new dog! So for now, here are some photos instead.....

Day Tripping

Yesterday we travelled to The New Forest to meet up with Nobby & Nicola and their 'Pack' again. As well as bringing their pure Czechoslovakian Wolfdog; Akila and their Hybrid; Khaleesi, that we met on our previous walk with them, they also brought along their gorgeous Staffie, Caz this time. Tuchena can be a bit edgy …

A Year in Pictures 23/52

We are taking Tuchena camping for the first time in a couple of weeks, so we set the tent up in the garden so she could familiarise herself with it this weekend.

A Year in Pictures 22/52

The weather this weekend has been fantastic. When it all gets a bit too hot for Tuchena she heads off to find some shade and take a siesta .......it's a dog's life! 🙂

A Year in Pictures 21/52

Continuing with our 'junk-agility' we have stacked up some old tyres and we are placing a tennis ball in the bottom for Tuchena to retrieve ........bottoms up!