Run Manbeast, run!

Manbeast has started taking his running a bit more seriously lately (as opposed to my permanently injured approach!) and been upping his miles. He decided to try an off-road marathon distance across Exmoor last month and guessed it, Zephyr and I got roped in as support crew. The idea was for him to meet …

A quick trip to Aberystwyth

Our friends (Dan & Kim) moved from Bath to Aberystwyth earlier this year and now that they are settled we decided it was time to pay them a visit! I met Dan when we worked together about 15 years ago and we have always kept in touch - you know sometimes how someone comes in …

2014 in Pictures 44/52

Thanks to my friend Karen Murphy for sending me the photos she took of Zephyr when she came to stay recently. I love this one, I think it shows both his speed and power.

2014 in Pictures 8/52

I took Zephyr on a run this weekend. We only did a leisurely 5k as he kept stopping to sniff and pee, but it was fun to be outside with him enjoying the dry and sunny weather. Zephyr with Emma (my running 'wife') after our run.

A Year in Pictures 34/52

We had a surprise visit from a couple of Labrador friends; Cally & Whizz! (Plus their human, Lisa). It was lovely to watch them all running and playing in the garden.