2015 in Pictures 26/52

As far as the wolfies are concerned it is toooooo hot! They are spending their days lying around and trying to keep cool. They have a pool and like to dig holes in the garden so they can lie in the cool earth. They get their energy back around about 9pm when it gets cooler …

2015 in Pictures 13/52

The lovely Karen Murphy is staying with us for a couple of days (well, in her camper van on our drive!) and last night she and Leon were working on introducing her dog Nanook (Northern Inuit) to Tuchena. Tuchena can be quite reactive to other dogs and it took them sometime  to get to this …

2014 in Pictures 51/52

Tuchena having cuddles! She loves this game and now asks to be picked up. It must give her some kind of adrenaline rush as afterwards she zooms around like a crazy thing! Ps....don't forget to enter our giveaway (see previous post)

2014 in Pictures 43/52

Wow wow wow wow......... The very talented Anna Kemp has done this amazing pencil drawing of Tuchena! We LOVE it! It captures her perfectly and will be taking pride of place in our lounge. Thank you Anna x