2014 in Pictures 39/52

I have really missed the dogs this week, as I have been at Tilley Farm completing my second six day practitioner clinic, with the inspirational Robyn Hood. I got the chance to practice a head wrap on Tuchena on Saturday night when she was sleepy as I wanted her to be introduced to it before …


2014 in Pictures 29/52

I was lucky enough to spend some time with a TTeam practitioner and her horse last week. She spent some time teaching me how to use body wraps, which I have been trying out on Zephyr. He seemed to really respond well to the wrap and we have used it a few times now. I …

2014 in Pictures 12/52

Zephyr showing off his new TTouch harness at Tilley Farm yesterday.  We are lucky that the TTouch training centre is only 30 mins away from home, so when I wanted a new harness to try on Zephyr, they seemed like a good place to start!