2015 in Pictures 30/52

On an early morning dog walk (excuse my pyjamas!) we bumped in to a neighbour who happened to have her camera and managed to take a snap of the whole family! I LOVE this bunch!

2015 in Pictures 29/52

Litton Reservoir is fast becoming my favourite place to take Zephyr for a walk, it is lovely and quiet and has a good mix of shaded paths and open areas with the bonus of the reservoir for cooling off warm dogs (& people!) Zeph loves the water and likes to splash around like a puppy …

2015 in Pictures 24/52

I spent my first night away from Zephyr on Friday. I missed him loads, but am grateful that he was well behaved for Leon...even if he did spend a lot of his time on 'his step'. The welcome home I got was wonderful though 🙂

2015 in Pictures 23/52

A sunny afternoon walk at Litton Reservoir with Zephyr, Boo and Emily! Such a beautiful place, only 20 minutes away and I had no idea it was there. We will definitley be visiting again soon....next time with a picnic!              

2015 in Pictures 20/52

Zephyr and I went along to the "Mutts with Friends' dog show on Saturday. Zephyr was having a stubborn day so we spent the whole time sat behind the Pupcake Princess stall! Luckily it was nice weather. Zephyr cheered up when Boo was around as usual! ❤️