A Year in Pictures 45/52

I took Zephyr to meet a friend yesterday afternoon, as her step-daughter loves dogs and wolves and wanted to meet him. We went for a beautiful walk along the river at Great Elm with them and their spaniel Jed. Kaitlin was great with Zephyr, she was calm and respectful which Zephyr really appreciated......thank you Kaitlin!

A Year in Pictures 13/52

This picture was taken earlier in the week, before the water in the hose pipe froze! Tuchena is not keen on being washed, but she is fond of rolling in smelly stuff. Therefore hose pipe wash is essential!

A Year in Pictures 9/52

Winter is Coming! Season 3 of 'Game of Thrones' starts this month. Here is Tuchena looking all 'Dire Wolf of Winterfell' (photo taken in Hamsterley Forest)  

A Year in Pictures 4/52

Snow Queen! Wolfdogs don't really seem to feel the cold, they are perfectly toasty with their thick winter coats. Tuchena will quite happily lie down outside in freezing conditions, when the Labradors are on their beds next to the wood burner.