2014 in Pictures 50/52

Meet Kevin!..........ok, so it is really Zephyr, but he is going through adolescence (please tell me it is nearly over?) and reminds me of 'Kevin' from 'Kevin & Perry'. I am sure if he could speak it would be a constant repeat of 'it's so unfair!'. He is sulking in the basket as Hendrix is …

2014 in Pictures 46/52

I took Zephyr to the beach on Thursday with Emily and Boo. We went to Berrow and had the beach to ourselves. Trying to choose one photo for this blog post was difficult as we took so many and Zeph was having such a fun time! If you want to see all the photos then …

2014 in Pictures 2/52

More socialisation work with Zephyr. I think he is getting bored now......this was taken in our local high street at 4pm on Friday when it was full of school kids walking home!

A year in Pictures 43/52

On a socialisation walk at our local high street. Zephyr met lots of people a couple of dogs, visited the pet shop and got a fright from an automatic door. It's hard work being a hybrid!